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BP Pro-Am tournament 2023

5 november 00:00 - 5 november 00:00
Tartu, Eesti

It is time for debating to wake from its long slumber! We are of course talking about the BP Pro-Am tournament! This year the tournament takes places in Tartu.

BP Pro-Am is a one day tournament, which consists of 4 rounds and a final. Speeches are 5 minutes in the first 4 rounds and 7 minutes in the final.

This is a Pro-Am tournament, meaning teams consist of one pro debater and one beginner. Teams with two beginner debaters are also allowed.

Additional information, such as the exact location, CAs, and other important information will be released in the following days.

Reg fee:

The price for members of the Estonian Debating Society is 12 euros for participation in 1 tournament, 22 euros for participation in both tournaments (4.11 EST/RUS tournament and 5.11)
Price for non-community members – 15 and 25 euros respectively.

Eesti Väitlusselts
EE782200221010707156 Swedbank
EE901010220002381018 SEB

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