The mission of Estonian Debating Societies is to promote a mindset in society where a stronger argument is the determining factor in any discussion and to teach necessary skills.


Estonian Debating Society will create favorable conditions for teaching and developing debating skills in general, higher and adult education. Estonian Debating Society will be the  expert commentator on argumentation of social dialogue, supporting freedom of speech and open society. Estonian Debating Society will create opportunities of self-development and fulfilment for its members by creating a culture of academic professionalism.

Strategical goals

Our development strategy for 2010-2013 sets out six strategic goals.

1st goal: Debating movement has members in every county and includes them in  organisational activities in order to achieve the mission.

2nd goal: Sources of income profide sufficient and versatile funding.

3rd goal: Debate as an educational method has an attractive image in Estonia.

4th goal: Organisation is managed in a transparent, sustainable and proffessional manner.

5th goal: Young people in Estonia have good access to debate education, which corresponds to their own interests as well as fulfilling social expectations.

6th goal: Our social training company fully supports the mission in the field of adult education.